What People Are Saying

From Students, Parents, and Educators:

“Along with being a great teacher, he is reliable, responsible, cooperative, has a wonderful attitude, and a character above reproach.”    –Ryan Casey, Music Dept. Chair, Stoughton High School

"I was immediately drawn to both his teaching style and his vast musical knowledge. I say this with a very high level of confidence: Brad Carman is a master of his calling, Music Education. The way in which he shares his knowledge with students is most impressive. Simply put: he teaches, and they get it! His approach is centered, and always geared to maximize the learning potential of the student audience in front of him." - John Failoni, Music Educator, (retired), South Florida

"Brad Carman brought wonderful musical gifts and teaching talent to our jazz program at Madison West HS. As director of our top big band, he had impeccable standards, high expectations, and an ear for detail. More importantly, his genuine educator's grasp of the "big picture" informed his teaching, lending integrity and humanity to his goals and planning, and to his relations with the students." - Steven G. Morgan, Ph.D. Director of bands, (retired), Madison West HS

“Brad is an outstanding music educator.  Students enjoyed working with [him] and respect his knowledge and musicianship.”   -Jim Kyle, Director of Bands, Hamilton Middle School, Madison, WI

"One thing that I think makes Brad stand out is his passion for music and teaching. The atmosphere in his studio is extremely infectious, and he clearly motivates all of his students to pursue high levels of achievement in their studies and in their playing. -Taylor, High School Student

"Brad understands young minds and blends both basics and experimentation in a healthy, disciplined fashion. I have sat in on many session, not as a nosy parent, but because I enjoy the relationship he has with my kids. I feel so fortunate that my children have been educated in this way and highly recommend Brad to any parent seeking a music teacher." -Amy, Parent

“Brad has a true passion matched with tremendous skill for musical expression. I would recommend him for any position that enables him to pass on his love and talent for music of all kinds."  -Brian Shimon, Associate Principal, (and former trumpet player), Stoughton High School 

“Brad revolutionized my [saxophone] playing.”  -Emlyn, High School Student


“Brad takes the teacher part of music teacher seriously. He has creative ideas about education, expects a lot from his students, and they have fun, too."  -Mrill and Ken, parents


"Brad works well with students of all ages. I have observed him at jazz workshops encouraging young students to play in public and to challenge themselves. He has also taught several people my age (65+) and helped improve our playing in the band to which several of us belong. For these reasons, I highly recommend Brad for both private teaching and more formal educational settings, such as workshops, school programs, etc.  -Larry, adult student

“As a fellow educator, I have seen Brad go more than an extra mile for his students. He is a teacher that constantly looks to improve himself in order to better connect with his students. On top of that

he is a fun, easy going guy that students love.”  –Amber Dolphin, Madison Area Violinist/Teacher


“A natural player with marvelous technique and musicianship.” –James Pahl, Director of Bands, Green Bay Southwest HS


“Brad has the rare distinction of having the genuine respect of his peers, not only for his talents, but for his quiet dignity and personal discipline.”  -Kent Paulsen, Director of Music, Calvary Lutheran, Green Bay, WI


“I regard Brad Carman as one of the most outstanding students I have had in my thirty-seven years of teaching.”  -Gerald M. Mattern, Associate Professor of Music and Humanities, St. Norbert College, (retired)


“Brad is very effective as a director and teacher, in that he approaches everything he does from a musical perspective. His expectations are high and he has the desire to motivate students to the same level of musicality.”  -Patty Schlafer, Director of Bands, Mt. Horeb Middle School


“Brad has a relaxed personal teaching style, musical skill, and a wonderful rapport with his students.” –Walter Rich, UW-Madison Education Supervisor


“I would like to thank Brad Carman for being so courteous, flexible and easy to work with during the planning process of our Kiwanis event. Brad helped make this event a huge success, and Madison West High School is very fortunate to have him as part of the staff. This group of [student] musicians gave an absolutely outstanding and memorable performance.”  -Jean Anderson, Kiwanis Club of Downtown Madison

“Brad Carman was my son's first private trumpet teacher. My son liked him and learned a lot. He went on to major in trumpet performance and now is a professional musician and builds trumpets at Monette in Portland, OR.”  -Carol Spiegel, Parent

“I have had the great pleasure of making music with Brad Carman over the past couple of years. An impeccable player of various woodwind instruments and trumpet, he is an affable companion, and a tirelessly creative and inspiring player and arranger.” -Johnny Widdicombe, Performer/Educator, Mt. Horeb, WI


"Brad Carman is an excellent music teacher and musician. Mr. Carman always has been extremely helpful in working with students in my school. Mr. Carman is very knowledgeable and is easy to work with. He establishes good rapport with students and conveys his musical expertise in ways in which they understand. He has helped my students improve immensely in their knowledge and performance skill."  -Lee Wagner, River Bluff Middle School, Stoughton, WI