Private Lesson Information


Saxophone is an extraordinarily versatile instrument and shows up in classical, jazz, pop, rock, and Latin music--which is one of the reasons it is such a fun instrument to play!  All students will get a comprehensive helping of fundamentals and be exposed to as many genres as possible.  All ages, all abilities, all musical interests.


Trumpet is another versatile instrument used in classical, jazz, pop, rock, and Latin music. It is a powerful instrument, but also capable of incredible beauty. All students will be taken through steps to develop the physical side of the instrument, and the musical side as well. Trumpet is a very demanding instrument, but one with incredible rewards for a diligent student!


Clarinet and Flute have deep roots in classical music although they can both be found in music all over the world - in fact, nearly every culture on the planet has their own version of a flute that is part of their folk and dance musical tradition, and the clarinet, while a favorite of Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms, was also a "jazz" instrument long before the saxophone! Lessons include fundamentals of the instrument and reading in the classical tradition as well as lessons in improvisation and the jazz style if desired.


A musician that "doubles" is a musician that plays more than one instrument. It is very common for professionals to play Saxophone, Clarinet, AND Flute - especially jazz musicians and those that play in pit orchestras for musical theater. Being a double is a tremendous musical challenge, but also provides extraordinary musical opportunities. Join the club!


Most students will receive some exposure to theory and composition during the natural course of study on their instrument,  but some students wish to study theory and composition more intimately.  Theory is a complicated subject, but it is not hard if handled in a practical, gradual manner.  All theory/composition students will compose from their very first lesson!  All ages, all instruments, all genres, all ability levels.


Any intermediate or advanced player -- on any instrument -- that is interested in developing skills as a jazz player and improviser is welcome.  As with theory and composition improvisation is a BIG subject, but with practical study, a modest pace, and a lot of "humble moments" jazz is within anybody's reach. 


30 minutes = $30.00

45 minutes = $45.00

60 minutes = $60.00

(45-minute weekly lessons are recommended for intermediate students, 60-minutes for advanced.)


There are two ways to get started: You can either contact me through your band director, or contact me directly using the Contact Us form. Include a little bit of information about the student along with any questions you may have. Also, let me know how quickly you would like to begin, how long you would like each lesson to be, and a general idea of after school availability. From there, I can hopefully offer a few time slots for you to choose from and go from there. (Whenever possible, lessons will be held at school during school hours for convenience.)